Why Replace when you can Repair Double Glazing?

repair double glazing

Double glazing, triple glazing more efficient double glazing: there are always new products to consider when it comes to home improvements. If you have had your double glazing for a number of years, you may be at the point where you are considering replacing it. Maybe though, you don’t actually need new windows. Have you considered repairing your double glazing? We take a look at the reasons to repair double glazing and how to do so.

Improve/ Repair Double Glazing

Over time, our windows sustain wear and tear. This could be to the handles, locks or the mechanisms for opening and closing windows. Handles can be replaced, you change the look of them if you want to make cosmetic changes and you can call in ‘window doctors’ to fix broken or stiff mechanisms.

It may be that your windows are misting up between the glass. If this is happening, you may think that your only option is to replace the windows. This is not necessarily the case. The longer you leave the windows untreated, the more likely that they will need replacing however, even if you are starting to get white marks between the glass, there is a solution. Replacing the sealant around the glass may be all that is required.

Replacing the Sealant

Double glazing, as the name suggests, is essentially two pieces of glass within the window frame. There is a gap between these two pieces of glass which, without effective sealant, can become exposed to moisture. When the weather is hot, condensation can build up between the glass. When the weather is damp, the water and moisture can seep in.

Good sealant acts as a barrier to stop the water/condensation seeping through into the space between the glass. That’s why when your windows are new you don’t have any issues. Over time the sealant stops being effective and absorbing the moisture. The solution? Replacing the sealant.

double glazing sealant

How to Repair Double Glazing Sealant

If you are handy with DIY, you can often do this job yourself. If you are only just starting to see the issue and it hasn’t had time to cause damage to the inside of the glass, then it is just a simple matter of removing the old sealant and adding a new sealant specifically designed for jobs like this.

If the problem has been going for some time, you could see some marking (not unlike a limescale build up) between the glass. In this case, you may want to call in a specialist that will drill tiny holes in the glass to fix the problem.

The Benefits of Repairing Double Glazing

Fixing double glazing has many benefits and is often overlooked by many who don’t realise it is a real possibility. We take a look at these benefits:


New double glazing is likely to cost you a few thousand pounds, especially if you decide to get the entire house done. If you feel that the windows are still in good condition and it is just the case of one or two windows that are experiencing issues, it is much cheaper to repair them.


Having double glazing replaced means that you are going to have workmen in every room taking out window frames and replacing them. This will undoubtedly mean lots of mess and possibly redecoration of the insides of the frames.


Getting rid of windows and having new ones will mean having lots of windows to recycle. You may think this will be counteracted by the energy efficiency savings in your home but repairing your double glazing will also cut down on the heating usage.

Next Steps

If you think that the best solution is to repair double glazing rather than replacing, we are here to help. We can advise you on the best products to use from our range of sealants and give you some insight as to how to do the job.