Where the Perform Panel story begins.

Striking, contemporary designs and exceptional performance in a range of gloss high-pressure laminate panels. A spectrum of colour from bright, light hues to rich, deep tones.

Perform Panel
jarvis Reform Panels

Classic colours and seductive textures combine in a collection that adds luxury to any project. The Harmony Collection includes designs ranging from understated elegance to glamorous boutique-hotel chic.

Adding unmistakeable luxury to the performance and practicality of Perform Panel, the Elegance Collection focuses on warm, natural colours and textures, creating an oasis of calm within the modern home.

Just click to fit

Our unique Nu-Lock tongue-and-groove click system gives you a seamless, practically invisible finish, a major improvement on the traditional straight joint profile.

The Nu-Lock system is available in all but two of our designs (Lisbon and Marrakech). While accuracy of pattern alignment is dependent on scale of pattern, Nu-Lock will ensure fast, accurate and seamless results that last a lifetime.

nickel Reform Panels
perform panel Reform Panels

Please note that due to the machining process, Nu-Lock panels have a slightly reduced face size. Working sizes are as follows:
2400 x 580mm
2400 x 880mm
2400 x 1180mm

NECS Ltd do not recommend Nu-Lock for Gloss finish boards

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