Guardian Cladding

Our range of high-performance interior decorative PVC wall and ceiling panels are suitable for any room in domestic or commercial projects and is ideal for bathrooms, wet rooms and shower enclosures.

Why PVC wall and ceiling panels?

Fitting is extremely easy and very quick providing a seamless finish and removing the risk of mould formation.

Available in a variety of widths with varying lengths, on average it is at least 50% faster, and cheaper to install our panels than it is traditional tiles.

Guardian Decking

Neptune 250

Neptune 250

Natural-look wall panelling

The Guardian Neptune 250 range provides an alternative to classic marble or stone tiles and puts an end to black mold and condensation issues. Easy to fit, and with a wide variety of colour and pattern options to choose from, you can create striking visual effects using our panels, making your room as individual as you are.

Neptune 250mm wide panels are supplied in packs of 4 providing pattern coordinated coverage of 2.6m2.

Panels come in lengths of 2.6m to 4m dependant on colour. Each pack contains 4 pattern matched panels.

Motivo 250

Contemporary Range

The Guardian Contemporary range offers a more modern and diverse range of designs to bring panels into every room of the house.
With all the advantages of the Neptune 250 range, our Motivo 250 and Neptune 400 ranges provide realistic and striking modern tile, bleached timber or rustic brick effects, to create Nouveau Style decor in both commercial and domestic settings.

Motivo 250
Neptune 1000

Neptune 400

Grey Brick and Anthracite Brick panels are supplied in packs of 3 and are 2.8m in length, providing a pattern coordinated coverage of 3.36m2.
** Slate Grey, Bronze Metallic and Silver Metallic panels are supplied in packs of 3 and are 2.6m in length, providing a pattern coordinated coverage of 3.12m2.

Neptune 1000 Mega Panel Range

The Guardian Neptune 1000 Mega Panel range is quick and easy to install and ideal for domestic and commercial applications in showers and wet rooms.

Providing the same versatility and choice as our 250mm wide panels, these 1 metre wide panels are supplied in packs of 2 offering metre wide coverage per piece at 2.4m high.

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