FloPlast – Suppliers to NECS Building Plastics

floplast building plastics suppliers

Founded in 1991 with their HQ in Sittingbourne, UK, FloPlast has grown to become a well-established manufacturer and building plastics suppliers, providing plastic building and plumbing systems to the UK construction sector over the course of the last three decades.

They originally specialised in Roofline products offering an extensive range of Rainwater systems and PVC-UE Cellular Foam Fascia, Soffit & Cladding systems which provide maintenance free solutions to both domestic and commercial buildings. In addition to this, over a period spanning 30 years, FloPlast have developed an extensive range of Waste, Soil, Underground Drainage as well as Hot & Cold plumbing systems.

FloPlast Building Plastics Suppliers – Products and Services

Their product range can be split into 6 categories:

• Roofline, Window & Cladding Systems
• Rainwater Systems
• Soil & Waste Systems
• Underground Drainage Systems
• MDPE Systems
• Hot & Cold Plumbing Systems

What Sets Them Apart From Others?

Throughout their 30-year history, FloPlast has been committed to offering quality products which are backed up by excellent customer service, all at a competitive price. Apart from their products being awarded the prestigious Kitemark Licence, they also offer a lengthy colour and performance guarantee.

As a company, they have focused on the design of their products, offering innovative features which make them practical in both installation and functionality. They have invested heavily in the infrastructure of the company which ensure that they can manufacture and supply customers efficiently and for the right price.

Current Challenges and Opportunities for the Industry

Following the Covid pandemic, the biggest challenge facing the industry is the supply of raw materials. The impact of this is being felt right across the industry from the manufacturers to the end user. It has taken time but FloPlast are pleased to say that their stock levels are now getting back to normal. This is no mean feat and has taken time. The lockdown has meant that more people have turned to home improvements in the absence of foreign holidays and spending so much time at home has given people time to focus on their homes. As people spend more of their time working and socialising at home, we expect this to be a continuing trend.

Working With NECS Building Plastics?

As relatively new building plastics suppliers to NECS Building Plastics, FloPlast are looking forward to demonstrating their ability to deliver a quality product for our customers. It is this commitment, combined with their reputation that makes them someone we are excited to work with. Needless to say, we are looking forward to a long and successful working relationship, providing our customers with an extensive selection of quality building plastics.