Cleaning Building Plastics


If you have recently had new gutters, fascias, soffits or other uPVC fittings installed including double glazed windows, doors or trims, it is important to know how to look after them. Proper care and cleaning building plastics from the outset will ensure that they stand the test of time against the weather elements keeping them looking fresh for as long as possible.

Gutters, Fascias and Soffit Maintenance

For those old gutters, fascias and soffits that are in good working order but they need a bit of a makeover, a thorough clean could be all that is required. As well as regular inspection to the actual gutters to remove any debris, a good clean will keep them looking good too.

Window and Door Frames

If you are decorating your interiors and want to spruce up your door and window frames, then you would be wise to give them a clean. Over time, the uPVC can become discoloured, years of decorating can cause a build-up of paint. A thorough clean can bring a new lease of life to older uPVC.

How to Clean Building Plastics

But what is the best way to get uPVC clean, what products should you use and how can you keep them looking good for longer?

Regular Cleaning

If it’s just a case of cleaning them over then a clean soft cloth will suffice. Light cleaning and dusting can be done with a microfibre cloth. Warm soapy water and a cloth should also form part of your annual/bi-annual spring clean.

Specialist Cleaners

You can buy specialist cleaners designed to clean uPVC without damaging it. Especially if you need something with a bit more power for adhesives. Be careful what you use though and ensure that you buy cleaners designed for use on building plastics. While you are at it, you can also clean the glass and make sure inside and out are gleaming.

Cleaning Building Plastics the Old Fashioned Way

One of the best ways to bring the whiteness back to your window frames or other PVC products is using a mixture of natural distilled vinegar and water. For best results mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 4 cups of hot water. Then use a spritzer spray to spray it on. Leave for 10 minutes then use a clean dry cloth to wipe down.

For Removing Stubborn Paint

There are various things you can use to remove paint build up from past errors. An alcohol based cleanser is one. Anti-bacterial wipes contain a solution that breaks down the paint and while painstaking, it will remove the paint – be sure to do this before you redecorate though. Any cleaning will disturb the paint on the walls if you are not careful.

Don’t Use Abrasives

Be aware of abrasive household cleaners that will make the plastic and stay away from scourer type pads. If you scrub too hard at something with the wrong material, you will scratch the plastic.

Cleaning Gutters

These similar methods can be used to clean gutters too. Gentle pressure washing will clean out the gulleys but be careful not to cause damage to the gutters. For cleaning building plastics cosmetically, use the same natural solution – vinegar and water as mentioned above or invest in a decent specialist cleaner designed for the job.

If you feel that your gutters, soffits, fascias and downpipes are past their prime, perhaps it’s time to invest in new ones!