Building Plastics & The Future

The Future of Building Plastics


The future of construction is set to change, with homeowners and clients requiring considerations in the materials that they use. Certain materials that were often used in the past are now becoming less desirable due to concerns about environmental impacts and responsibilities as well as sustainability.


Materials such as timber, concrete and other materials do have an environmental impact so DIY installers and tradesmen alike are often looking for new products or the most suitable product on the market in terms of environmental responsibility. Building Plastics fall into the category of higher sustainability than other materials and the future of recycling is likely to include the use and recycling of plastics as well as the use of recycled materials as building materials.


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The Future of Construction


Certain materials may see a lack of use, restrictions on use or even penalisation if they are used. Resources such as timber lead to many growing concerns about the sustainability of product development as well as construction. This has led to a growing movement that has challenged municipalities and governments across the country to make changes to the materials and products that are used. One example of this is the Government’s Plans to ban gas boiler installation from new build houses by 2025. It is proposed that heat pumps and other forms of renewable heating will be used instead of traditional gas boilers.


It would not be surprising if certain materials were also reviewed for their sustainability and environmental impact. In the construction or home improvement industry, there are products that have caused growing environmental and ethical concern for many years. Materials such as timber and concrete have caused environmental concerns and materials such as Indian Sandstone causing ethical concerns spanning from where they are sourced. This has led to a change in the industry with many expecting to see greener incentives for home improvement over the next few decades.


Building Plastics – A Move Towards the Future


uPVC is a material that has been developed to increase sustainability. uPVC, as well as composite materials, can utilise recycled materials such as recycled plastics and is more sustainably sourced when compared to timber products. The longevity of uPVC as a material has also increased. This ensures that the lifetime of the material is increased which reduces the amount of waste produced as the materials last longer before having to be recycled or disposed of. 


The Future of Construction Materials


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Construction materials will likely have to develop further in terms of sustainability as well as other materials being developed over the next few decades. There are other materials that are well fitted into the future of construction and home improvements such as building plastics, composites, recycled metals, sustainable timber and other materials. There are a number of high-quality materials that are beneficial to the construction market, and at fantastic prices and our range of building plastics in Newcastle are no exception.


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